• Floor / Roof Coatings
  • Floor Adjustments
  • Concreting
  • Roofing
  • Clear and Neat Flooring
  • Leveling
  • Floor Treatment
  • Adjustments / Fitting Options

We firmly believe that novel products and concepts are imperative to our growth in the field of Coatings. Our Supplier’s research activities combining with market stimuli bring innovative products in to the market every year. Our Company’s position as a technology driven company is due to the incessant outputs from our innovation based activities. Within a short period, Scantek has risen to a place where most of the experience Company’s striving to achieve as their Market approach was accepted by most of the reputed Companies in the Country . With product segments such as industrial floor toppings, conductive floorings, thin-set terrazzo floorings and polyureas we have reach in to a niche area in this specialized field.

Our Suppliers employs the world’s best chosen polymers such as epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, poly ureas and their hybrids to formulate a variety of coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers in three different media : solvented, solvent free and aqueous. Our product innovation strategies and hybrid technologies integrate the ever evolving needs of the market segments we cater to.

  • Digital Measuring Devices /
  • Laser Distance Meters ( 30 meters to 100 meters )
  • Digital Laser Distance Meter ( Measure up to 40 to 70 meters )
  • Weather Meter ( Measure Temp , RH , Dew Point , Heat Stress , Wind Chill and Air Velocity
  • Digital Clamp Meter ( Measure AC/DC Current up to 400 A , Capacitance , Voltage , Resistance , Frequency , Diode Test )
  • TDS Meter ( to measure TDS level of water )
  • Digital Lux Meter ( Measure indoor LUX – level )
  • IR Temp. Meter