A total solutions provider for ventilation – Sri Lanka

  • Evaporative cooling Systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ducting Lines
  • Wind Turbine Ventilators : Heat Extractor Systems
  • Energy Saving Cooling / Water Distribution
  • Cooling Concepts
  • Air Distribution
  • Heat Extraction Systems

We provide Design, Supply & Installation of following engineering solutions

  • Fume & Dust Extraction Systems
  • Fresh Air Supply & Heat extraction systems
  • Evaporative Cooling with automated RH control
  • Ducting , Industrial Roof Insulations & Dust filtrations
  • Industrial Kitchen Ventilations
  • Range of Fans for Industrial , Commercial & Domestic applications

A total solutions provider for ventilation

Ventilation science is an age old Engineering practice which runs back to ancient Civilizations. Man has always seeks comfort in their Dwellings; hence various methods of Ventilation were used to bring comfort when they live indoors. With the Revolution in Engineering & Technology, all these methods were compiled to more controllable & organized methods with the inclusion of Human health concerns .

Scantek uses several Suppliers to cater to their Designed Solutions giving their Clients choice in Technology, Innovation & Price. In today’s utility cost, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) segment consumes the biggest part in utility spending. Evaporative Cooling System although it is a very primary technique in “beating the heat” has come to the rescue of investors suffering from increasing cost of production. Providing an acceptable comfort level to the work force at a comparatively very low operational cost, it has opened a new path in cost reduction. With negligible maintenance cost and extra focus on fresh air into the installation. Scantek supplies both Positive Pressure & Negative Pressure Systems.

The mechanics of the air movement inside a Building is quite simple. During warm weather, the air inside heats up. Since warm air rises, it tends to float out of the high ventilation spaces. This convection movement naturally draws in cooler outside air through any opening in the building to replace the air that just exited.